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  • Completely done for you shopify store setup
  • Preloaded With 100+ products and 100+  winning Facebook ads... Just copy, paste and PROFIT
  • 100+ highly converting EMAIL template to BOOST your store sales by  20-40%.
  • 100% drop shipping automation -  search and Import products to your store
  • Ship products directly to your customers - in 1 click
  • Everything done for you in 3 - 7 days... 100% ownership. Your domain, your shopify store, your merchant account and your customers

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ProofWatch Me Login A Store  
That Generated $106,000 In 12 Days

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Own Ecom Business, Ready To Hit The Ground Running,
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Your Turn To Cash In  On The
Multi Billion Dollar Industry !

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no doubt you’ve seen all the talk about eCom
over the past year. People are changing their lives and going from struggling marketers to

5 and 6 figure earners virtually overnight with eCom…

That’s Because...

When You Find A Winning Product, You Can Go From Zero To Hundreds or Even THOUSANDS
In Days... Are you aware, during the last Holidays, Shopify stores made $1billionin 4 days....
Yes only Shopify stores... $1 billion!

Now This Will Shock You:

In 2017 Alone $2.3
Was Banked
By eCom Business
Owners Worldwide

Question: How Much of This
Money Entered Your Bank Account?

Almost EVERYONE in the US who can get onto the internet has made an online purchase at some point in time.

EIGHTY PERCENT of them have made a purchase in the last 30 days, showing that eCommerce has become a part of the DAILY LIFE for the majority of Americans.

eCommerce is growing everyday with no signs of slowing down. $2.3 TRILLION in 2017...  expected to grow to $3.3 Trillion by 2019, and by 2021 ecom will surpass $4.5 TRILLION.

With the eCom business, you can start from ZERO to HERO...
You can easily walk away with $30,000 by next month.

So whether you get in or sit and watch on the sidelines, someone is going to get paid today, this week, this month, etc...

That someone could be YOU today and that's without lifting a finger, no tech, no research, no copy, no ads, everything done for you.


If It Is So Easy, Why Aren't
You CASHING In On eCom Yet?

Most People Struggle To Make Big Bucks With eCom because of;


The 5 reasons why 90% of ecom businesses fail and if you don't avoid these 6 things like plague, you're doomed to fail!

PROBLEM #1 - eCom portal setup is not a stroll in the park. 
You have to set up payment processing, shipping rules, connect customer purchases to your ordering process, and so much more. You have to use the right theme and apps that can be very expensive... with monthly charges for each app.

PROBLEM #2 - Finding Products That Will Actually Sell Is Hard .
Most people just guess at the products they fill their store with or pick products that they like. Unfortunately, just because you think something is cool, doesn’t mean it’s going to sell.

PROBLEM #3 - You have to decode facebook and Instagram ads.
You have to master  facebook ads. You have to get the creative and the targeting right. New entrepreneurs tend to loses hundreds or even thousands with failed fb Ads.

PROBLEM #4 - Hooking up with the right supplier.
There are thousands of suppliers... picking the wrong supplier will kill your business. You need a suppliers that is reliable; who will provide a quality product at a good price; and will ship it on time. This will help with the #2 ecom nightmare - issues with refunds, charge-backs, etc.

PROBLEM #5 - Setting Up Your Dropshipping Process.
To be successful, your store must have an automated and efficient drop-shipping process. A system that keeps track of supplier inventory status, updates price realtime and makes it easy for you to fulfill orders with 1 click.

To Bank $5k to $50k  Monthly From Your Store,  You Have To Setup  Everything  100% CORRECTLY!

 This Can Take Months And Thousands
of Dollars If You Do It Yourself...

AND by the time you finish (that is if you finish), you may be completely
over your business... and You STILL Will Only Have A Chance Of Ever Getting It 'Right'.

Chances are you have tried setting up your own store and failed miserably.

The problem isn't with you, the problem is trying to piece it all together and not knowing

100% if you completed it correctly. With running Facebook ads, Shipping calculations, payment
gateways, special high performing apps and doing all of this 100% correctly so you can succeed...
there is just SO MUCH you can miss.

Imagine if you can get EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU without lifting a finger.
Imagine the entire setup done correctly for you by a team with proven expertise and track records.
And all you have to do is PUSH 1 BUTTON... and BOOM your eCom store/system is READY.

  • We Decided To Destroy All The Obstacles With Our
    100% Completely Done-For-You Ecom Site Setup

Get your own 5 figure ecom business without lifting a finger. Everything done for you... tech, apps, research, ads, emails etc.

Make Money - Bank Up To $5 - $50k per month from your store. Some of our clients start making money from day 1.

Affordable System - Only your shopify fees... List unlimited products and process unlimited sales without ANY limitation.

100% Beginner Friendly... Includes complimentary training & online coaching for SUCCESS - no previous knowledge.

Imagine if you can get EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU without lifting a finger.

Imagine the entire setup done correctly for you by a team with a proven track record and expertise.

All you have to do is PUSH 1 BUTTON... and BOOM your Ecom store is READY.


DONE-For-You 6-Figure Ecom Business Setup By
A Team With PROVEN Expertise & Customer SUCCESS...
Store building, app installations, payment gateways,
products setup... Everything Done For YOU!

With UDUALA, you don't have to waste months of your time doing difficult techie stuff, such as creating a website, choosing themes, setting up apps, configuring payment gateways, order processes and dropshipping etc.

With Uduala, you SKIP all that and start getting customers from DAY 1.

 Just push the button... and out comes your ready-to-profit Ecom Business!

It’s Like Using A Time Machine To Fast
Forward 6 - 10 Months of Trial n Error,
Hit n Miss, Difficulties And Frustration

In Ecom, you can go from zero to hero by walking away with up to $30,000 or more next month!

We can take care of all the tedious and time consuming things that stop you in your tracks, by giving you the keys to your new, ready-to-profit Ecom store in just 3-7 days.

And remember, even after we hand over your shiny new site, we don’t just leave you to it!

We add you to our training and coaching program, with eBooks, videos and even live Q and A sessions, where you will learn everything, from how to manage your shop effectively, to maximizing your profits.

From A-Z,

We build the store for you with a theme that converts.

We install and configure all the apps for you.

We load it with 100+ high in demand products.

We link you up with the RIGHT supplier for each of the products so you don't get your fingers burnt.

We help calculate your pricing and markkups so you maximize your profit and still be competitive.

We give you 100+ facebook ads (creatives plus targeting)... All you have to do is COPY n PASTE.

We give you 100+ Done for you video ads... All you have to do is COPY n PASTE.

We add an affordable drop shipping automation system that you will be using to run your ecom business passively.

We hand over to you a set of 100+ high converting ecom money email templates to BOOST your sales.

We add you to our training and coaching program where you learn how to manage your shop and maximize your profit. (ebooks, videos and live Q and A sessions).

We understand how important it is, that you start MAKING MONEY. We also understand that you NEED to see returns on your money, that you spend on ads and more importantly... your time that you put into your ecom business.

Now! Here Is
EXACTLY What You Are Getting

Done For Shopify eCom Website

Instead of worrying about how to build these sites and spending days or weeks just to create these sites, let our team of expertly trained staff build them for you! We will do everything from A-Z.

We take care of planning, content, theme selection, choosing the right apps and tweaking things to have a PERFECT store.

Your website will be designed with best practices in mind, in order for maximum sales.

Search Engine Optimized So Buyers Can Find You

Highly Secured So You Have Nothing To worry

Mobile Responsive So
You Don't Loose Sales

Fast Loading -
Reduced Visitor Bouncing

Easy to Maintain - Built on Shopify CMS

Free domain registration if you don't have one

Highly Customizable

Unlimited Products, Pages
Orders, Customers, etc

100+ 'High in Demand' Products

The #1 reason people fail is because they pick the wrong products. we fill up your store with 100+ tested 'high in demand' ecom products.  With the preloaded products you cannot get it wrong.

The the products are hand picked by experts. If you pick the wrong products you cannot get the other step rights. Most people just guess at the products they fill their store with. With us, there is NO GUESS WORK.

And also for every product, we help with pricing calculations, markups as well as CONNECT you with the RIGHT SUPPLIER that will deliver a quality product and SHIP ON TIME directly to your customer.

100+ Tested n Proved Facebook Ads

With every product loaded on your website, we are also giving you the exact ad targeting and creative to use for your Facebook ads. The exact ads to run for each of the 100+ products. Meaning you are getting 100+ done for you Facebook ads.

Tested and proven ads by pro copywritters and graphic artist. When you sell the right products, run the the right ads to the right audience, and do it the right way, then success is GUARANTEED.


Facebook eCom Retargeting System to BOOST Your Ads ROI by 40%

This system allows you to retarget your ecom store visitors... e.g you can target a visitor who has viewed a particular product with facebook ads (for that particular product) that will follow them anywhere they go until they buy the product.

In minutes you can setup different types of retargeting. E.g you can setup specific ads targeted at people who viewed a particular product page, added a product to cart but did not buy, searched for a particular product, etc.

After a customer leaves your store, running an ad will bring them back. The ad reminds them of the exact products they viewed. We will set this up for you and its automated and will BOOST your ads ROI by up to 40%.

Abandon Cart Reminder

Two-thirds of your customers add your products to their cart and then leave without even buying them, But now you can win them back through your Facebook Messenger.

Send a personalized message to your their Facebook Messenger inbox. Your page sends the customer 2  messages reminders with a call to action if he didn’t check out. You can set time interval for these 2 reminders.

Make the conversation with your customers. Bring them back to the check out page. Close the sale. Smile to the bank.

Build & Grow Your List using
The Inbuilt Email Newsletter System

One costly mistake inexperienced ecom store owners make and pay dearly for is:  forgetting their existing customers and only focusing on spending money to get new customers.

Ever heard of the term "the money is in the list"? The ROI in email marketing online is one of the highest and the ecom niche is not an exception. More than 80% of online shoppers are more likely to make another purchase from email.  The ecom store that will be built for you has everything you need to build and grow your list.

100+ Done For You Email Templates To Boost Your  Sales By 20 -40% Monthly

The money is not just in the list, but the relationship with the subscribers. You have to write mails to engage with them and promote your offers. Writing these mails requires copywriting skills.

With Uduala you don't have to write a single word.  We've already done all the hard work for you. You will get a set of 50+ high converting ecom email templates  that will make you 20-40% more sales per month.

You will get high converting copywriting, headlines, subject lines, call to action buttons, etc Plus an Email Calendar & Strategy Guide - Don't get caught scrambling two days before an important holiday and lose sales.

Done For You Automated
Drop Shipping Machine

What has chnaged the GAME and taken ecommerce to a whole new level is dropshipping. Dropshipping has made it easy for the regular guy to get into the game without inventory or capital. (Almost zero barrier to entry).

Its simple: you don't have inventory... your customer place the order on your store and the supplier ships the product DIRECTLY to the customer. Uduala comes with an affordable engine that automates the entire process. (Free for first 50 orders monthly)

==>Import products on AliExpress to add to your website.
==>Keep track and auto update price and other info when there is a change.
==>Tracks inventory and stops sales when supplier run out of stock
==>Intelligent pricing markup formula to apply your rules for all products.
==>Forget about ordering every product manually. 
       Just click 'Order' button and confirm the order on AliExpress.
==>Checks your orders for status and send updates to your clients by mail.

Bonus #1 - FB Messenger ChatBot Setup

Increase Sales, Automate Messenger Marketing & Customer Service

Bots for Messenger are for anyone who’s trying to reach buyers on mobile – no matter how big or small your store is, or what products you are selling. Bots make it possible for you to be more personal, more proactive, and more streamlined in the way that you interact with your customers.

The bot will have the following features:

==>Sales Funnels
==>Audience Segmentation
==>Target Specific Customers
==>Push Notifications
==>AI Powered Customer Service
==>Personality for your Chatbot
==>Auto Comments on Facebook Posts

Today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with being talked at. Instead, they want to talk with companies. They prefer one-on-one conversations that are personalized to their unique needs. This trend of auto-conversing bots inside messaging apps is called the conversational economy and as a VIP bonus our team will setup a messenger bot for you.

Bonus #2 - Mobile App  

Android App for your store - Worth $997
Apps are MASSIVELY influential in retail sales and influencing buying decisions. We will build one for your store.

China's Single Day on Nov 11 2017, was the single largest online retail day in history. Alibaba alone saw sales of over $25.3 billion that day. This is 7 times the amount of money made during cyber Monday in the U.S.

The most surprising figure however was that 71% of Alibaba's $25.3 billion came from mobile devices.

Worth $997. My mentor advised us to turn this into a service and package as an upsell (OTO2), and again we said no. We are giving you the complete package. Everything you need to setup a 6 figure ecom business. No OTOs

This BONUS is no longer available.
Others will be expiring soon too.

Bonus #3 -  Uduala Hunter

You will get 1 Year UDUALA HUNT Subscription
(Normally $297/Year) - Worth $997

We manually add winning 'high demand' products on a daily basis. Each product we add comes with the facebook ad copy. Thats a total of 365 winning products and 365 done for you facebook ads.

You get to know good products even before they go viral. and for any product you like, you can add it to your store with one mouse click

These products are so hot in demand that customers will be begging you to sell it to them. If you sell any of these products, prepare to always run out of stock (even your supplier will be running out of stock... I know it sounds crazy but it has happened to us quite a few times).

Bonus #4 -  Undisclosed    

We’ve put together one final bonus that is designed to get you making money online with your ecom store so fast you’ll be kicking yourself as to why you haven’t been able to get results this far. 

This alone is worth the investment here today…

This bonus will make you fall in love with us.
You will love it and most importantly, it will make your bank account swell.

Try Uduala Done For You Ecom Setup
for 30 Days RISK FREE

With a Full 30-Day, No Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

We’re 100% confident that you will love the shopify ecom store we will setup for you, but if we don't deliver your store within the stipulated time, if our support team cannot solve your query, so you are not satisfied, then neither are we, and we refuse to keep your money.

So invest TODAY with complete confidence, knowing that you have absolutely NOTHING to risk.

Get Your 6 Figure Ecom Business!
But Hurry – Genuinely Limited Spaces Available

This is a DFY service and it’s physically impossible for us to work with more than just a handful of people.Therefore, this offer is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis.

The good news is, there are still slots for you to get on board RIGHT NOW!

We don't know how long it will be before all the slots fill up...
It could be days, hours or even minutes from now.

The risk is on us. You are covered by our 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

Our previous customers are doing well and some are already banking multiple 5 figures monthly.

Listen up... The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to hit my income goals in 2018?

If the answer is YES, we would love to help you get started FAST with your 6 figure ecom business.

Grab Your  DONE-For-You 6-Figure
Ecom Business Setup 

Pelican Package

  • Done For You eCom Store Setup With All Apps
  • Preloaded With 30+ High In Demand Products
  • 30+ Facebook Ads (creative + targeting)
  • Hook Up With The Right Suppliers
  • 25+ Email Templates to BOOST your sales
  • MANUAL Drop Shipping Process
  • UNLIMITED - Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders, Unlimited Customers... You Have 100% Ownership
  • One Time FEE - No Contract With Us
  • Get ALL the BONUSES (Worth $7,500)
Uduala eCom Pelican

Normal Price: $1,997
Special Offer: $667 Only

Eagle Package

  • Done For You eCom Store Setup With All Apps
  • Preloaded With 100+ High In Demand Products
  • 100+ Facebook Ads  (creative + targeting)
  • Hook Up With The Right Suppliers
  • 50+ Email Templates to BOOST your sales
  • AUTOMATED Drop Shipping Process (GOLD)
  • UNLIMITED - Unlimited Products, Unlimited Orders, Unlimited Customers... You Have 100% Ownership
  • One Time FEE - No Contract With Us
  • Get ALL the BONUSES (Worth $7,500)
Uduala eCom Eagle

Normal Price: $2,997
Special Offer: $997 Only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

q-a   How does it work?

Our team of experts will setup an ecom store for you, load it with products, then give you fb ads, email templates and training.

q-a   Is this beginner friendly?

YES. There is no previous knowledge require. After the setup, you will be also given simple step by step training tutorials.  If you do get stuck, we also have a support desk to help out.

q-a   How long before I start making money?

Some of our users made sales from Day 1, some after a few weeks, BUT we cannot guarantee any sales as results differ. We will continue to support you till you succeed. We give everything you need - tech, copy, ads, emails, etc.

q-a   How long will the setup take?

3 - 7 working days. When you order, you will be immediately assigned to a consultant who will work with you closely.  

q-a   I already have a store, is this still for me?

YES Sure. Uduala comes with 100+ winning products, Facebook ads and emails you can use on any existing ecom store - shopify, woocommerce 

q-a   Is there a guarantee?

YES. If we don't deliver your ecom store and everything  as promised, simply send us an email and we'll issue you a 100% refund. That's how sure we are you're going to absolutely love it. You have absolutely nothing to loose.

Note: This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook INC. 

Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in ANY WAY.

FACEBOOK is a trademark of Facebook INC.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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