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People who watch Product Videos are
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Welcome to the Uduala Club. Get ready for the easiest, ‘clone and profit’ Ecommerce system in the world.
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Nothing beats having access to a team of genuine, HUMAN Ecom experts, doing all your research, investigations, learning and writing for you.

A team that makes one very happy marketer 7 figures a year in Ecom profits.

We’re sure you now realize, you now have a MASSIVE advantage over more than 90% of Ecom marketers who are still being seduced by shiny objects, and just blindly copying each other.

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Uduala gives you access to a team of experienced Ecom experts who will do all of your product research, supplier research, product copy creation, image creation and Facebook ad creation for you.

The Facebook ads are written by copy experts, and you’ll even get the exact targeting for ‘can’t fail’ campaigns.

But of course, not everyone who sees your ads will click and buy.

Uduala Video Ads solves this problem

And here’s the killer……….

73% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget (Buffer)

Well guess what?

Now, You Can Get Your Uduala Team Of Experts To
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Video Ads For EVERY Recommended Product!

As you can see from the verified stats above, video is PROVEN to generate many times more clicks and sales compared to image and text ads.

Not only that, customer satisfaction is much higher when customers see a video of a product.

They understand the products they are ordering, are happier with their purchase, and rarely ask for a refund.


Dramatically Reduce Your Refund Rate
By Up To 50%

We don’t just want you to make profits, we want you to hold on to your profits.

Refunds can be a big issue in Ecom, and many marketers have gone out of business due to a high level of refunds.

>> 57% of consumers are less surprised by products with video (HubSpot)

>> 71% of consumers think video explains the product better (HubSpot)

Remember, your potential customers can’t feel your products in their hands. Video ads are the next best thing to actually holding a product yourself.

By providing videos, you give buyers quality information that isn’t hidden behind good angles and lighting.

They understand the products they’re buying and are happier with their purchases when they receive them……leading to a dramatic fall in your refund rates by up to 50%!


As a founder member of the Uduala club, for just one extremely low one-time fee, you now have unlimited access to products, copy and Facebook ads from the Uduala experts.

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100+ DFY Video Ads Today plus 7 new videos added
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... that is a total of 365 videos Ads in 1 year

Silver: 200+ DFY Video Ads

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Gold: 200+ Videos Ads + 30 New Every Month

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