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Note: We approve affiliates on instant commissions with sales above 20+ on W+,
If you have less than 20 sales please contact us and share your promotional method!

What is Uduala?

Uduala is a cloud based ecom domination platform where users access winning ecom campaigns. For each winning campaign; users get a winning product, the product description, high converting images, pricing recommendations & markups, competition spy, link to the right dropship supplier (that will deliver a quality product and ship on time to avoid refunds).

1 Click Integration With Shopify & Woocommerce:

With 1-click users can import any of the hot selling products into their woocommerce and shopify stores. With 1 click users can post product post for ads to their store Facebook page. Users can transform facebook comments into sales with auto comment reply on all product post.

Each Product comes with DFY Facebook ADs.

Users get the exact facebook ad creative and targeting to use. All they have to do is copy and paste.

Uduala comes loaded with 200+ 'high in demand' products and 200+ winning FB ads at launch with new products + DFY facebook ads added weekly.


Udaula V1 Did $150,000 Last Year
With Hundreds Of Success Stories

If you want to promote an offer that'll print money
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A platform your users will love. We are
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We have a proof of $106k in 12 days from an ecom store selling only uduala products and running facebook ads using uduala DFY facebook ads. Copy and Paste. 100%.

With Uduala you don’t just win, BUT DOMINATE!


It’s been proven that the W+ and the IM audience in general love`DFY and DFY related products as lots of them are newbies.

This is a DFY product for the ecom niche. A niche almost everyone is either currently in (most struggling) or planning to get into and slice their own share.

Offer Uduala to your audience and they will bite off your hand. FACT!

Here is the summary:

Everything Done For Them!
For 200+ winning ecom campaigns
and more added every week.

Here Is A Demo of Uduala eCom

Uduala Is The Ultimate Cloud-Based
Ecom Domination Platform
Just Copy, Paste and PROFIT!

See An Example Of A Campiagn Listed On Uduala

This Is Just 1... You Are Getting 200+ TODAY
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Just think….. With this you don’t need to learn a thing,
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We are well known for releasing SOLID products that generated six figures in gross sales revenue. Our products have done over $3 million in revenue combined.

This offer is proven to convert - 2 affiliate with a tiny list: Seun Ogundele & Rudy Rudra sent less than 100 clicks and made almost $3,000.

We've used our experience from the internal beta launch and v1 launch to tweak the funnel and sales copy so you now expect even higher conversions.

We have brought in the BEST copywriter, designer and video team to ensure your promo converts every visitor you send our way into an ATM machine for you.

HUGE retargeting in place on facebook, youtube , google, etc to re engage abandoned visitors & add more affiliate commissions to your bottomline.

Expect a MASSIVE reciprocation from hardworking upcoming super affiliates that go HARD on promo's and crushes leader-board’s almost on daily basis.


          Main Contest

               48 hrs Speed Contest

Note: In order to qualify for prizes you need to earn at least 2x in commissions!

This is our well structured Funnel that
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“Akpomedaye Victory is a fantastic partner to work with. He knows exactly how to send tons traffic and sales to your launch.

High recommend him and if you do get the opportunity to work with him in any capacity definitely take him on it.”

-Billy Darr

“I completely recommend any JV and affiliate to work with Victory because since he came into the space I have maintained a positive relationship with him. I have promoted 3 of his products and they were all quality and useful. On reciprocation he is very upright and work his ass off to support as many partners as possible. You supporting his launch will pay back long term.”

-Venkata Ramana

"I've worked with Victory on some promos, and I've found out that he works hard, and puts out quality products also whenever he launches. If you haven't worked withhim yet, don't hold back"

-Declan Mc

"I started to promote Victory a few months ago, and every single offer he puts out converts well and solve real world marketing problems. He obviously knows what he's doing and the products are top-notch. I highly recommend you working with him"

-Magnus Ilechukwu

"Victory is not only a great affiliate that can hit your top 10 but also a great person to connect with. If you're looking for a great offer to promote, and someone that will hit you back every time, this is the go-to guy. He is one of the few people that will actually reciprocate hard for you and his products are always value driven"

-Austin Anthony

"Victory’s products are always high quality stuff that my list loves AND they also convert very well. So rest assured if you mail, you’ll make a lot of money and have happy customers! Plus Victory is big on reciprocation too - highly recommend you work with him"

-Radu Hahaianu

This is to prove
We Go Hard & Reciprocate For Our Affiliates:

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